Masters Fitness is a fitness resource focused on the over-forty crowd. There is an entire army of us. Some of us have always been athletes and are looking to continue pushing performance standards among our peers; while others are simply seeking more modest ways to ‘get back in shape’ and improve the quality of life. Both camps and everyone in between are welcome.

#liveforaliving 90-Day Challenge

Check out the #liveforaliving 90-Day Challenge, a program specifically designed for the over-40 athlete or fitness enthusiast looking to get back in shape after a significant period of downtime. The program as been constructed by Christian Griffith, currently serving as the first guinea pig, and open to anyone who would like to give it a try.

I believe that all one needs to spark change is grit, drive, and determination. This experiment in bodyweight movements requires no equipment aside from simple, everyday items.


As an all-around athlete, well past the age of forty, I am beginning to experience the effects of the aging American male, and I don’t like it and I will not accept it without a fight. This is my attempt at creating a resource, a community if you will, for over-40 athletes looking to continue to push the limits of what they are capable – be that athletic performance or simply becoming more healthy.

We start with, the #liveforaliving 90-Day Experiment.